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Welcome to the website of the Portuguese Embassy in Oslo

Our mission while Embassy is to promote the relations between Portugal and Norway in the political, commercial and cultural field, to support the growing Portuguese community in Norway, to deepen the contacts with the Norwegian society and with its economic agents and, naturally, to increase their knowledge on Portugal and the Portuguese.

Portugal and Norway share since a long time friendly relations and face the future like two of the biggest maritime nations in Europe, sharing the same universal values and cooperating in the framework of the European Economic Area.
The close contacts between the two people last for centuries ago, having the last years confirmed a growing approximation that is translated in the arrival of a highly qualified young generation, that is inserted in the Norwegian society and in its economy in a natural and efficient way.

The Embassy has the purpose to answer every time better to the expectations of the Portuguese community, and it was with great satisfaction that we began in 2015 the preparation of citizen's ID cards and we are going to increase the number of consular permanencies in several cities of Norway, going this way more and more in the direction of the communities that are scattered in this huge territory.
Besides spreading the name of Portugal as a country with a great and multicultural History and a gorgeous nature and presenting the programs that promote Portugal as a tourist destination and a country of residence, it is an essential challenge in terms of our mission to promote next to the consumers and Norwegian economic agents the image of a modern Portugal, of a country connected with the investigation and innovation, that presents good conditions of investment in a geographically privileged location.

To present the Portuguese language to the young Norwegians as a language that can be important for their future, as it is a language spoken in several countries that share the oil producing destiny of Norway is also a purpose of this Embassy.

We hope that this website can help to answer many of the questions faced by Portuguese and Norwegian citizens, businessmen or tourists, in the defence and promotion of Portugal’s image.

You can also find in this website information on bilateral relations with Iceland, a country for which this Embassy also has jurisdiction

In my name and of all the other officials of this Embassy, I would like to vouch for our commitment to have the Services of this Embassy meeting the expectations of the people that look for our support.

The Ambassador of Portugal in Oslo,

Clara Nunes dos Santos


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